Which WEIGHT LOSS MED works BEST? A Doctor looks at the DATA.
Which WEIGHT LOSS MED works BEST? A Doctor looks at the DATA.

What is a Medical Weight Loss program?

April 2020

A medical weight loss program differs from other standard weight loss programs primarily because it is just that, a medical program. When someone says, “Medical weight loss program”, it means that it is prescribed and monitored by a medical professional that specializes in Medical Weight loss also known as Bariatric Weight Management. In this article, we will go more in depth on what exactly medical weight loss is and how it differs from other weight loss programs.

Medical Weight Loss Program explained
A medical weight loss program is a program that is supervised by a medical professional that specializes primarily in weight loss for individuals that have a hard time losing weight despite their efforts. The program also helps those having trouble controlling their cravings/eating habits and needs or requires medical assistance. Essentially, Medical weight loss programs are for individuals that suffer from Obesity or individuals that have a BMI (Body Mass Index) greater than 30. Medical Weight loss programs were created because Obesity is a condition that one of the leading causes of heart disease in the nation and science has proved that obesity is curable, and it can be treated with the proper medical attention.

Within a medical weight loss program, it is primarily a numbers game based on calories and exercise. The less you exercise and the more calories that you consume will equal in increased body fat and the opposite stays true; the more you exercise and the less calories you consume will equal in decreased body fat. In most cases for individuals that suffer from Obesity, they are obese not because of the lack of exercise or poor diet but may suffer from other medical disorders which can contribute to weight gain that can play a key factor in any weight management program. One of the benefits of being on a Medical Weight loss program is that, if a physician deems it medically necessary, than they can prescribe or alter the necessary medication needed to treat any underlying disease or medical disorders.

Medical Weight Loss Program in Los Angeles

Compared to other weight loss programs, they are all cookie cutter type programs where they tell you what to eat, how much to each without evening knowing you, your history, your work schedule or habits. But what makes a Medical weight loss program more special is that you’re seeing a physician that specializes in medical weight loss which is important because they can properly evaluate you, check if there are any other underlying medical issues that you may have and prepare a customized program catered specifically to you based on your blood levels, family history or past history. Within that customized program, the physician will also prepare an eating diet plan where he plans out how much you can eat and how many calories you need to burn to reach your weight loss goal. Secondly, they would prepare an exercise program that works with your busy work schedule and if necessary, prescribe medications, vitamins or supplements to help with the program so that you can see the results you always wanted.

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