Cablevey Conveyors System Layout, Design and Operation
Cablevey Conveyors System Layout, Design and Operation

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What is Medical Breakthrough?
Industry pioneers in producing quality, pain-relieving medical products that actually work. Using cutting-edge technology, Medical Breakthrough is revolutionizing the pain-relief industry with a line of products that range from: Medical Massage Chairs Medical Saunas Medical Hot Tubs and even beds!

Some of Our Clients Include:
Google Rural Institute of Veterans Education and Research Florida Department of Veteran Affairs Saint Elizabeth Community Hospital Quintec Integration, Inc.

Medical Massage Chairs
Assembled by hand in Los Angeles, CA, these are more than just chairs. They can actually free people from debilitating pain. Over 21 Medical Doctors, and numerous respected physical therapists and chiropractors not only back the benefits of the chair, but many even use it themselves. We offer 7 different models of the chair, each has a unique set of features, designed to target the specific medical needs of our customers. Medical Breakthrough 5 Medical Breakthrough 6 Medical Breakthrough 6 Plus Medical Breakthrough 7 Medical Breakthrough 8 Medical Breakthrough 8 (Open Feet) Medical Breakthrough 9

Featured on Fox News Our chairs were featured on Fox News as a part of their story on the Rural Institute of Veterans Education and Research (RIVER). Veterans at the facility used the Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs daily, and our chairs were called, “The world’s greatest massage chair,” by members of the medical staff, because they did such a great job in helping to relive the veteran’s intense chronic pain.

Hand assembled in Los Angeles, CA.
Medical Saunas One of the first medical saunas designed specifically to help heal muscle pain, improve blood flow, and relax your entire body. Hand assembled in Los Angeles, CA. Comes in 4 different models. Each ranges in size and medical capability. Depending on the model, they can hold between 1 and 6 people. Medical Sauna 3 Medical Sauna 4 Medical Sauna 5 Medical Sauna 6 Plus

The most medically beneficial hot tub on the market.
Medical Hot Tubs The most medically beneficial hot tub on the market. Designed to help soothe, and warm muscles to relax away any tightness or pain. Not only does it have incredible medical benefits, but it’s beautiful design will “wow” guests before they even step inside. There are 4 different models of our Medical Hot Tubs, each one engineered with a different purpose and medical need in mind. Medical 3 Medical 4 Medical 5 Medical 6

Other Products/Services
Custom-Made Chair Padding Facial Relaxation Instant Pain Relief Podiatrist Full Body Pain Reliever Leather Protector

The Numbers In less than one year, profits are over $2 million
476 chairs sold to date and counting (about 1.3 chairs sold/day) Average sale = $5,674.50 These numbers are just for the massage chairs alone. Saunas and hot tubs are about to be released.

Our Customers Sales in 49 states and Canada
We have also received requests from Sweden and the UK to begin selling in their markets as well Average customer is 50+ in age (range from 35-95) Engaged Customer Base: 45.5% average open rate on campaigns (17.4% industry average) 7.8% Click rate (2% industry average)

What’s Next? We plan to continue to innovate and change the massage chair industry Developing temperature changing mode Hot/Cold Wraps to melt and freeze muscle pain Developing a mobile/tablet app to control functions of the massage chair Pill Reminder Voice Control Massage History Massage Recommendations In-App links to purchase our other products Big buttons and easy to use for the elderly Chair Fleet Upgrade with the App When the app updates, so do certain aspects of the chairs capabilities and features

Future Plan Short-Term Goal = Double Sales revenue each month (Feb. 2017=$302,985) Long-Term Goal = We will be one of the leaders in the global wellness industry, which is worth roughly $3.4 trillion

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