How to understand Texting Abbreviations!!
How to understand Texting Abbreviations!!

In order to shorten the time of chatting, chatting online, young people today have “created” numerous different abbreviations. And “TT” is one of them – an acronym that you won’t find hard online, especially Facebook. So what does TT mean? Please refer to the following explanation offline!

What does TT mean on Facebook?

In Vietnamese, there are countless words that can be abbreviated to TT. However, on a social network like Facebook, there is a dedicated term called “interaction”. And TT is the abbreviated form of the word.

So, what is TT or interaction on Facebook? It is the act of showing interest in an article, image, video posted on a personal page or Fanpage. Such actions include Like, “Drop” Emoticons, Share, and Comment.

With regular personal pages, the interaction usually only means expressing friendly, interested in the status of friends or relatives. Some people have a hobby of “virtual life” often keep the habit of constantly posting on personal pages to “sentence view” and receive many interactions from others (friends and relatives of friends).

On the other hand, with celebrity pages or Fanpage, increasing interaction is more important. That helps the page / page owner get more fans / customers to know, making the level of popularity higher, thereby easily implementing advertising strategies, making money online. and Facebook.

Some other meanings of TT

As mentioned above, there are countless words that can be abbreviated to TT. However, some of the more common words are used frequently in life, so people often abbreviate to type text faster. In those cases, it is necessary to rely on the context to know exactly what TT stands for.

In the chat

In text chat, TT is often used as a symbol to describe the crying face (if you notice it will look like two eyes are closed and tears are flowing out).

In technology

A part of technology people, especially programmers, usually write TT or Info to abbreviate for the word “information”.

In casual chat

Some easy-to-understand words can also be abbreviated to TT, such as “next”, “payment”, etc.

Through this article I have explained to you what TT is, which stands for words on the network as well as Facebook. However, these are just the most common meanings, maybe not the words that you feel are reasonable. Then depending on the context you can infer, or if it is too difficult, ask the writer.

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