Dumbbell Around-the-World Lateral Raise
Dumbbell Around-the-World Lateral Raise

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world-fitness-austrilia try these 6 simple workouts at home! WORLD FITNESS AUSTRALIA %y Fast Dispatch within 48 hours Buy Now, Pay Later TG A FEEL THE BURN Tackle a World Fitness Australia workout for a full body blitz with Australian sprinter and online coach Ebony Lane. For this workout session you will need a pair of dumbbells, or whatever item you have around the house that will work as hand weights. Work your way through each movement and do three sets of each exercise to activate the muscles in your entire body. PUSH-UP On all fours, place your hands slightly wider than shoulder- width. Straighten your arms and legs, then lower your body until your chest nearly touches the floor. Pause, then push yourself back up. Repeat 8 times. FORWARD LUNGE Stand tall with your feet hip-distance apart. Take a large step forward and lower your body towards the floor. Both your legs should be bent at a 9o0-degree angle at the bottom of the lunge. Push off the front leg to rise back up to the starting position. Repeat 10 times on each leg. BIRD DOG On the floor, point one arm out in front of you and extend the opposite leg behind you, forming a straight line from your extended hand to the extended leg’s knee. Hold for a few seconds, then return to your hands and knees. Keep your abs engaged throughout the entire exercise and work to minimise any extra motion in your hips. BRI Repeat 10 times. OVERHEAD PRESS Lift the dumbbells to shoulder height. Your palms will be facing forward and your elbows will be bent at 9o degrees. This is your starting position. Begin to lift them above your head and pause for one second at the top. Return the dumbbells to the starting position. Repeat 8 times. RUSSIAN TWIST Beginners: Sit on the floor, press your feet into the ground, or if you’re feeling stable, extend your legs out straight. Advanced: Sit on the floor, raise your feet off the ground and extend your legs out straight. For both options, holding one dumbbell, twist your body towards one side and then the other engaging your core and back throughout the exercise avoid slouching or rounding your back. Repeat 10 times. ROMANIAN DEADLIFT Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Keep your knees soft, hold a pair of dumbbells in front of hips with your palms facing your thighs. Lower the dumbbells in front your shins, keeping them close to the body. Once they pass the knees, do not allow the hips to sink further. At the bottom of the movement, extend your hips and knees back to your starting positioning, squeezing your glutes at the top. Repeat 10 times. EQUIPMENT TO USE: HEX DUMBBELL – RANGE i YBELL RANGE ADDITIONAL EQUIPNMENT: DOUBLE FOLD EXERCISE MAT FOAM ROLLER EXTREME JOIN WORLD FITNESS ON SOCIALS Instagram Facebook Youtube LinkedIn TikTok

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