Ruger integrally suppressed barrel for 10/22 take down
Ruger integrally suppressed barrel for 10/22 take down

Integrally suppressed .22LRs are some of the slickest looking firearms. And as this YHM 10/22 demonstrates they can also be some of the quietest.

Of course the main downside of an integrally suppressed firearm is that it is permanently apart of that system and your $200 tax stamp doesn’t go near as far as a suppressor able to suppress other firearms.

However the benefits of beyond aesthetics are that you have an 18″ overall length of barrel including suppression when before that would have cost you another $200 infringement stamp to register it as a short barreled rifle. Like me you might be wondering “why 18″ instead of 16″?” and YHM’s answer was because of the availability of ER Shaw 18″ barrel blanks. Half of the YHM system’s length is barrel, the other half is suppressor which lends to a lot of available volume and decibel reduction. Bulk ammo is still supersonic, but of course subsonic loads are extremely quiet.

The monocore baffle system removes from the muzzle end with a simple hex tool for cleaning. I didn’t get a chance to test this personally but I imagine it isn’t too difficult to clean since you have so much space in a 9″ monocore that there would be plenty of room for your brush to scrub.

As for accuracy, golf balls at 50 yards were downright boring, never missing a one. Part of the credit goes to the premium Meopta scope I mounted on this rifle. Both Eley and Gemtech subsonic ammunition performed great, never a malfunction, this Gemtech group was the tightest if you ignore the one high flier: (that’s a one inch white bullseye)

The YHM 10/22 barrel lists at $750 however once I logged into my Silencer Shop account I found they had them listed at $536. Very reasonable considering you are getting both a suppressor and a barrel system.

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