Graphing Inequalities on Number Lines | Math with Mr. J
Graphing Inequalities on Number Lines | Math with Mr. J

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Which graph represents the inequality ~2x + 3y > 127

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‘Which linear inequality is represented by the graph?y< 3x + 2y> 3x + 2Y< 1 / 3x + 2y> ‘


‘ Which linear inequality is represented by the graph?y < 3x + 2y > 3x + 2y < x + 2y > x + 2’


Choose the graph for the inequality: y > 2x – 1


which graph represents the solution to 5 + 8x<3(2x + 4)


‘Select the correct answer.Which graph represents this inequality?3x + y ≤ 1(There are two images that contain the options) :)’


This problem wants us to figure out which graph represents the inequality, negative 2 x, plus 3 y greater than 12, and to start figuring out, which graph is correct. We’Re going to get this inequality in a slope, intercept form so we’ll add 2 x over to give us 3 y greater than 2 x plus 12 and then we’ll divide by 3 to isolate y and that’s going to give us y greater than 2 thirds x. Plus 4 point, so this is the inequality. We’Re trying to graph, and sometimes looking at your intercept, will help you to eliminate some choices. But it looks like all 4 of our options are going through the correct y intercept of 4 and they’re all also using our slope correctly, to make more points where we go up to over 3 a few times. We can also go down to left 3 to make a few points. The way we’re going to decide which inequality is the right graph is by looking at 2 things first, when we don’t have an equal to inequality and that’s greater than or equal to or less an…

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