Reacting to Arson Judge to the Giants | Office Vlog 113
Reacting to Arson Judge to the Giants | Office Vlog 113

There’s a new king of New York. And his name is Aaron Judge.

The Yankees’ slugger cemented himself in the annals of baseball history on Tuesday night, launching homer No. 62 in the second leg of the Bronx Bombers’ doubleheader with the Rangers. Judge took Texas’ right-hander Jesus Tinoco deep in the first inning of Game No. 161.

Here’s what you need to know about Judge’s historic jack.


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Who gave up Aaron Judge’s 62nd home run?

The hurler on the mound was 27-year old righty Jesus Tinoco. Tinoco threw an inside slider that caught too much of the plate. “All Rise” made him pay, sending a rocket into the left field bleachers.

According to ESPN’s Stat and Info team, Tuesday was the 17th time Judge went yard on a slider this season. It might be time to take that out the ole pitching arsenal when facing No. 99.

Aaron Judge’s 62nd HR of the season came on a slider.

— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) October 5, 2022
Judge has 17 HR against sliders this season after entering 2022 with 20 in his career. Judge had never hit more than six HR off sliders in a single season before 2022.

With an exit velocity of 100.2 miles per hour and a launch angle of 35 degrees, Judge’s moonshot would clear the fences in all 30 ballparks. It traveled an estimated 391 feet.

Aaron Judge vs Jesus Tinoco#RepBX

— Would it dong? (@would_it_dong) October 5, 2022
Home Run 💣
Exit velo: 100.2 mph
Launch angle: 35 deg
Proj. distance: 391 ft
No doubt about that one 🔒
That’s a dinger in all 30 MLB ballparks
NYY (1) @ TEX (0)
🔺 1st

Here’s a video of Judge’s historic blast:


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Aaron Judge is the new single-season AL home run record holder.
🎥: @Yankees

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Who caught Aaron Judge’s 62nd home run?

According to USA Today’s Bob Nightengale, Judge’s record-setting dinger landed in Section 31, Row 1, Seat 3. It fell right into the grasp of Dallas native Cory Youmans, who was summarily swept away by stadium security to have the ball authenticated.

A tale of two fans. One’s going home at least $2M richer, and one gets escorted out of the game for jumping the fence.

— ClutchPoints (@ClutchPointsApp) October 5, 2022
Corey Youmans just caught the ball of a lifetime 🤑

Youmans, married to Emmy-winning reporter (and former The Bachelor contestant) Bri Amaranthus, certainly will have an idea of his — and his new souvenir’s — worth. He is the Vice President of at Fisher Investments, a firm that manages nearly $200 billion in assets, per ESPN’s Darren Rovell.

Aaron Judge’s 62nd home run ball.

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📸: @BriAmaranthus

Looks up Corey Youmans.

— Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) October 5, 2022
“Corey is a vice president at Fisher Investments, a firm that manages $197 BILLION worldwide.”

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That also means Youmans knows how to make a deal. It will be no small feat — or check — for Judge to retrieve that ball.

How much Aaron Judge’s 62nd home run ball worth?

Per Nightengale, Judge’s historic home run should net Youmans at least $2 million in returns. Whatever those Rangers tickets cost him were totally worth it.

I wonder if he’ll go on vacation. Maybe rent a yacht? Who knows?

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What happened to the fan that fell over the railing trying to catch Aaron Judge’s home run ball?

For those with a keen eye, you might have noticed someone barreling over the railing as Judge’s dinger headed for the left field bleachers.

Bold strategy from this fan absolutely sending it off the wall for the Aaron Judge ball that landed about 10 seats away

— Jomboy Media (@JomboyMedia) October 5, 2022

Although we don’t know his name, the fan is OK, according to Dallas Morning News’ Evan P. Grant. He was, however, kicked out for his fence-hopping antics.

Guy did not incur injuries, but was escorted out of park for trying to jump fence.

— Evan Grant (@Evan_P_Grant) October 5, 2022

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