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Greatest Common Factor (GCF) Worksheets

A large collection of GCF worksheets is meticulously drafted for students in grade 5 through grade 8. GCF is also known as ‘greatest common divisor'(GCD), ‘highest common factor'(HCF), ‘greatest common measure'(GCM) or ‘highest common divisor'(HCD). Download and print these GCF worksheets to find the GCF of two numbers, three numbers and more. Try some of these handouts for free!

List the factors for each pair of numbers. Then, compare to determine the GCF of the two numbers. The printable worksheets are categorized into three levels based on the range of numbers.

Use the prime factorization method to find the GCF for each pair of numbers. This batch of multi-level worksheet pdfs contains a total of 150 problems for 5th grade and 6th grade students. Use the answer key to validate your solutions.

GCF of Two Numbers using Venn Diagrams | Easy

Write down the factors for each pair of numbers in the Venn diagram. Then, list out the common factors in the intersection. The largest factor listed in the overlapping region is the GCF. This set includes numbers up to 25.

GCF of Two Numbers using Venn Diagrams | Moderate

Brighten your math class by using Venn Diagrams to find the GCF of two numbers. Featuring numbers up to 99, this compilation requires learners to list out the factors, place the common factors in the overlapping region, and find the GCF.

Being good at something isn’t enough, aim for greatness! Choose our pdf worksheets on GCF and Distributive Property and practice rewriting expressions as the product of the GCF and a sum using the property.

Simplify Fractions using GCF | Easy

Find the GCF for the numerator and the denominator of the given fraction in this set of printable worksheets. Then, reduce the fraction to its lowest term by dividing the numerator and denominator by the GCF. Numbers up to 25 are included in this section.

Simplify Fractions using GCF | Moderate

Facilitate better understanding of GCF by reviewing your skill with this bundle of printable worksheets that features numbers up to 99. Practice finding the GCF and simplifying the fraction using the GCF.

There’s a solid relationship between GCF, LCM, and the product of two numbers. Broaden your knowledge with our pdf worksheets and be the first in class to ace this enthralling topic!

In this bunch of 7th grade and 8th grade pdf worksheets, determine the GCF for the set of three numbers. Apply prime factorization method to list out the common factors. Multiply the common factors to obtain the GCF of the three numbers.

GCF of Three Numbers | Moderate

It’s time to get acquainted with GCF of three numbers by working out the exercises in these pdfs covering numbers up to 99. Work out the GCF by finding the product of the prime factors common to all three numbers.

Let’s explore GCF and LCM in the real word using heaps of realistic word problems! Solve life-like situations that impel you to think about the applications of great common factor and least common multiple like never before!

Gain an in-depth knowledge in finding the Greatest Common Factor of polynomials with these high school worksheets available in easy and moderate levels, find the GCF of two or three monomials, GCF of polynomials, find the GCF using the division method and more!

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